• Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil

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Rosehip seed oil towers over all other oils as the queen of skin care oils.  The seeds are replete with Vitamin A, marked by the dark orange/red hue. Rosehip oil greatly diminishes stretch marks and helps ot remove wrinkles from previously damaged skin.

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rosehip seed oil

origin - Turkey

botanical name - Rosa Canina 

extraction method - cold pressed, virgin, unrefined.


Rosehip Seed Oil


. Rich in essential fatty acids

. Anti-aging properties

. Anti-Inflammatory

. Promotes skin regeneration


To Use

. Mix with a few drops of essential oil suitable for your skin type & gently massage into the skin (1 drop essential oil for every tsp carrier oil)

. Apply a generous amount from the root of your hair, massaging into the scalp and slowly working towards the tips. Let sit and rinse with shampoo & conditioner of your choice.

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